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How to explain about the payment to travelers?


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  • kevin flood

    This is my 4th tour for GURU.

    The first two tours were. in the morning, All arrived on time and I adjusted the tour to suit their interests. A received a reasonable gratuity

    The  next two were arranged for the afternoon, and were no shows. Very annoying as I wasted over 5hours travelling etc.

    I reckon that these people met people over lunch, and said I am not interested now?

    I the future I shall only accept morning tours, and with a minimum number of three.

    These tours were at very short notice, I require a minimum notice of 24 hours.

    I tried to enclose a photo of our meeting place in my reply, but have been unable to do so.

      The GURU site needs to be made easier, and some information sent to us.

    Where are the guests from/ have they been in Dublin before? their special interests,

    Art/museums, Dublin history, Georgian Dublin, Food trail, Fashion and so on.

    I shall try a few more tours and see how their fare.

    Regards, Kevin Flood


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